Chevrolet Equinox manuals

Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Roadside Assistance Program

U.S.: 1-800-243-8872

TTY Users (U.S. Only): 1-888-889-2438

Canada: 1-800-268-6800

New Chevrolet owners are automatically enrolled in the Roadside Assistance Program.

See Roadside Assistance Program.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
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Keys, Doors, and Windows

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Electronic Component Description Automatic Transmission Unit
Control Solenoid Valve Assembly(1)Pressure ControlSolenoid-3(R-1/4-5-6)(2)(GEN-1) Pressure ControlSolenoid-2 (3-5-R)(2)(GEN-2) Pressure ControlSolenoid-5(1-2-3-4)(3)Torque ConverterClutch-(TCC) Pressure Control Solenoid(4)Shift Solenoid-1(On/Off)(5)(GEN-1) Pressure ControlSolenoid-5(1-2-3-4)(5)(GEN- ...

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