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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Outside Mirror Description and Operation (With LTZ/SLT)

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Mirrors / Outside Mirror Description and Operation (With LTZ/SLT)

Power Mirror System Components

The power mirror system consists of the followingcomponents:

Memory Seat ModuleOutside Rearview Mirror SwitchLeft Mirror Control ModulePassenger Window SwitchLeft Outside Rearview MirrorRight Outside Rearview MirrorPower Mirror System Controls

The outside rearview mirror switch is a multiplex switchwhich signals the left mirror control module which outside rearviewmirror to move (driver or passenger) and which direction to moveit. The left mirror control module and the passenger window switchare on a serial data circuit with the memory seat module as themaster. The mirror select and directional control switches areinputs to the left mirror control module. When the memory seatmodule receives the switch inputs from the left mirror controlmodule, mirror output commands are sent to the appropriatemodule/switch through the serial data circuit. The left mirrorcontrol module and passenger window switch control the left andright outside rear view mirrors through bi-directional motorcontrol circuits. The motor control circuits are floating while inan inactive state and the switches will apply power and ground tothe control circuits as necessary to move the mirror in thecommanded direction.

Mirror position is determined by both horizontal and verticalposition sensors in each of the power mirrors. The left mirrorcontrol module and passenger window switch supply a 5-Vreference, low reference, and horizontal and vertical positionsignal circuits to these sensors. The signal circuits arereferenced from 5-V by the switches and the signalcircuit voltage levels represent the mirror positions. The mirrorpositions are sent to the memory seat module through the serialdata circuit where they are stored for memory mirror operation.When the memory seat module receives a memory recall command, thememory seat module will send the go to position commands to theleft mirror control module and passenger window switch. Theswitches will then drive the appropriate mirror motors to thecommanded position sensor settings.

Heated Mirrors

The heated mirrors are controlled through the rear defogrelay. Whenever the vehicle is running and the rear window defoggeris turned on battery voltage is supplied to the mirror heaterelements through the left and right mirror heater element controlcircuits.

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Outside Mirror Description and Operation (Without LTZ/SLT)
Power Mirror System ComponentsThe power mirror system consists of the following components:Mirror direction switch — Controls the left, right, up and down movements of the mirrorsMirror select switc ...

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