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Lubrication Description

Oil is applied under pressure to the crankshaft-(1), connecting rods, balance shaftassembly, camshaft bearing surfaces, valve lash adjusters and timing chain hydraulictensioner. All other moving parts are lubricated by gravity flow or splash. Oil entersthe gerotor type oil pump through a fixed inlet screen. The oil pump is driven bythe crankshaft. The oil pump body is within the engine front cover. The pressurizedoil fromthe pump passes through the oil filter. The oil filter is located on the left rearside of the engine block. The oil filter is housed in a casting that is integratedwith the engine block. The oil filter is a disposable cartridge type. A by-pass valvein the filter cap allows continuous oil flow in case the oil filter should becomerestricted. Oil then enters the gallery where it is distributed to the balance shafts,crankshaft, camshafts andcamshaft timing chain oiler nozzle. The connecting rod bearings are oiled by constantoil flow passages through the crankshaft connecting the main journals to the rod journals.A groove around each upper main bearing furnishes oil to the drilled crankshaft passages.The pressurized oil passes through the cylinder head restrictor orifice into the cylinderhead and then into each camshaft feed gallery. Cast passages feed each hydraulic elementadjuster and drilled passages feed each camshaft bearing surface. An engine oil pressureswitch or sensor is installed at the end. Oil returns to the oil pan through passagescast into the cylinder head. The timing chain lubrication drains directly into theoil pan.

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