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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Introduction

IMPORTANT:This booklet contains important information about the warranty coverage on your newvehicle. It also explains Customer Satisfaction and Owner Assistance procedures and GM's participation in the Mediation/Arbitration Program.

Keep this booklet with your vehicle and make it available to a General Motors dealerif warranty work is needed.Be sure to keep it with your vehicle when you sell it so future owners will have theinformation.

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Have you purchased the Genuine GM Protection Plan- The GM Protection Plan may be purchasedwithin specific time/mileage limitations. Remember, if the service contract you areconsidering for purchase does not have the GM Protection Plan emblem shown above onit, then it is not the Genuine GM Protection Plan from GM.

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IMPORTANT:This booklet contains important information about the vehicle's warranty coverage.It also explains owner assistance information and GM's participation in an Alternative Dispute ResolutionPro ...

IMPORTANT:This booklet contains the GM warranties covering your new vehicle, and gives the startingdate and mileage of those warranties. It also provides owner assistance informationwhich may be usefu ...

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