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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: General Information

Your vehicle is an important investment. This section describes the required maintenancefor the vehicle. Follow this schedule to help protect against major repair expensesresulting from neglect or inadequate maintenance. It may also help to maintain thevalue of the vehicle if it is sold. It is the responsibility of the owner to haveall required maintenance performed.

Your dealer has trained technicians who can perform required maintenance using genuinereplacement parts. They have up-to-date tools and equipment for fast and accuratediagnostics. Many dealers have extended evening and Saturday hours, courtesy transportation,and online scheduling to assist with service needs.

Your dealer recognizes the importance of providing competitively priced maintenanceand repair services. With trained technicians, the dealer is the place for routinemaintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations and additional maintenance itemslike tires, brakes, batteries, and wiper blades.

Caution:Damage caused by improper maintenance can lead to costly repairs and may not be coveredby the vehicle warranty. Maintenance intervals, checks, inspections, recommended fluids,and lubricants are important to keep the vehicle in good working condition.

The Tire Rotation and Required Services are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.It is recommended to have your dealer perform these services every 12 000 km/7,500mi. Proper vehicle maintenance helps to keep the vehicle in good working condition,improves fuel economy, and reduces vehicle emissions.

Because of the way people use vehicles, maintenance needs vary. There may need tobe more frequent checks and services. The Additional Required Services - Normal arefor vehicles that:

Carry passengers and cargo within recommended limits on the Tire and Loading Informationlabel. SeeVehicle Load Limits.Are driven on reasonable road surfaces within legal driving limits.Use the recommended fuel. SeeRecommended Fuel.

Refer to the information in the Maintenance Schedule Additional Required Services- Normal chart.

The Additional Required Services - Severe are for vehicles that are:

Mainly driven in heavy city traffic in hot weather.Mainly driven in hilly or mountainous terrain.Frequently towing a trailer.Used for high speed or competitive driving.Used for taxi, police, or delivery service.

Refer to the information in the Maintenance Schedule Additional Required Services- Severe chart.

Warning:Performing maintenance work can be dangerous and can causeserious injury. Perform maintenance work only if the requiredinformation, proper tools, and equipment are available. If they arenot, see your dealer to have a trained technician do the work. SeeDoing Your Own Service Work.

Additional Maintenance and Care
Your vehicle is an important investment and caring for it properly may help to avoidfuture costly repairs. To maintain vehicle performance, additional maintenance servicesmay be required.It is recomme ...


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