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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Fuel System Cleaning Engine Control

Special Tools

SA9127E-7Fuel Pressure/Flow Adapter

After it is determined that the fuel system is contaminated, the following procedureto clean it is recommended.

Warning:Ensure that the vehicle is properly supported and squarelypositioned. To help avoid personal injury when a vehicle is on ahoist, provide additional support for the vehicle on the oppositeend from which the components are being removed.

Place the vehicle on a hoist and open the hood.

Warning:Do not allow smoking or the use of open flames in the areawhere work on the fuel or EVAP system is taking place. Anytime workis being done on the fuel system, disconnect the negative batterycable, except for those tests where battery voltage isrequired.

Warning:Refer toBattery Disconnect Warning.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Refer toBattery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection.Remove the fuel tank. Refer toFuel Tank Replacement.Disconnect the fuel feed line at the fuel rail. Refer toMetal Collar Quick Connect Fitting Service.With compressed air, blow out the fuel feed. Catch the fuel in a container at theopposite end of the line.Remove the fuel tank modules. Refer toFuel Tank Fuel Pump Module Replacementand/orFuel Tank Fuel Pump Module Replacement - Secondary.Inspect the inlet filter on the primary pump. If plugged or damaged, the fuel pumpmodule must be replaced.Flush the tank with hot water for at least 6-minutes. Invert and drain. All metalchips/debris must be removed from the tank prior to installation.Install the fuel pump modules to the fuel tank using a new fuel pump seal. Do notconnect the fuel feed line to the new filter.Install the fuel tank to the vehicle.

Caution:Replace plastic fuel line retainers whenever the fuel supplyor return line is disconnected at the fuel rail. Install the newretainer into the female cavity of the connection. Care must betaken to ensure that the locking tab is centered in the window ofthe female cavity. Firmly press the female connection onto the maleend until a click is heard, then pull back to confirm engagement.Pinched, kinked, or damaged fuel lines must be replaced.

Connect the fuel line to the fuel rail. Refer toMetal Collar Quick Connect Fitting Service.Put at least 22.7-liters (6-gallons) of clean fuel into the fuel tank.Connect the negative battery cable. Refer toBattery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection.Connect a scan tool to the vehicle and turn the ignition ON.Raise the vehicle on a hoist and install the male quick connect adapterSA9127E-7fuel pressure/flow adapterinto the fuel feed line.Install the drain hose to the adapter and place the other end in an approved container.Energize the fuel pump with the scan tool for 1–2-minutes. Refer to Energizing theFuel Pump. This will pump about 1.9-liters (2-quarts) of fuel and purge any debrisin the fuel pump.Disconnect the fuel drain hose adapter at the fuel feed line and connect the fuelline to the fuel filter.Energize the fuel pump and check all connections for leaks.De-energize the pump, lower the vehicle, and start the engine.
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