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Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual: Dinghy Towing

Front-wheel-drive (1.5 L Gas FWD/ 1.6 L Diesel) and all-wheel-drive (1.6 L Diesel only) vehicles may be dinghy towed from the front. These vehicles can also be towed by placing them on a platform trailer with all four wheels off of the ground. All other engine/ transmission combinations must be towed by platform trailer. Also see the information on dolly towing later in this section.

For vehicles being dinghy towed, the vehicle should be run at the beginning of each day and at each RV fuel stop for about five minutes.

This will ensure proper lubrication of transmission components.

Dinghy Towing

To tow the vehicle from the front with all four wheels on the ground:

  1.  Turn the vehicle on.
  2.  In vehicles equipped with AWD engage the AWD system and confirm that it is on.
  3.  Position the vehicle to be towed and secure it to the towing vehicle.
  4.  Shift the transmission to N (Neutral).
  5.  Turn the ignition to ACC/ ACCESSORY.
  6.  Turn all accessories off.
Caution If the vehicle is towed without performing each of the steps listed under "Dinghy Towing," the automatic transmission and AWD system could be damaged. Be sure to follow all steps of the dinghy towing procedure prior to and after towing the vehicle.


Caution If 105 km/h (65 mph) is exceeded while towing the vehicle, it could be damaged. Never exceed 105 km/h (65 mph) while towing the vehicle.

Once the destination is reached:

  1.  Set the parking brake.
  2.  Shift the transmission to P (Park).
  3.  Turn the vehicle off.
  4. Start the engine and let it idle for more than three minutes before driving the vehicle.
Caution Do not tow a vehicle with the front drive wheels on the ground if one of the front tires is a compact spare tire. Towing with two different tire sizes on the front of the vehicle can cause severe damage to the transmission.


Caution Use of a shield mounted in front of the vehicle grille could restrict airflow and cause damage to the transmission. The repairs would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. If using a shield, only use one that attaches to the towing vehicle.

Dolly Towing (All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles)

All-wheel-drive vehicles cannot be towed with two wheels on the ground. To properly tow these vehicles, they should be placed on a platform trailer with all four wheels off of the ground.

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Dolly Towing (Front-Wheel-Drive Vehicles)
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