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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Transfer Case Description and Operation 4WD Transfer Case

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Driveline / Transfer Case Description and Operation 4WD Transfer Case

Transfer Case Description and Operation 4WD Transfer Case

Transfer Case Operation

The transfer case in this vehicle consists of an aluminumhousing with input helical gear, output driven helical gear, ringand pinion hypoid gear set, and an intermediate drive shaft.

The transfer case transfers torque/power to the on-demandrear differential through a propshaft assembly.

The on-demand rear differential distributes variabletorque/power to the rear wheels through individual axleshafts.

Within the rear differential assembly is an active on-demandcoupling system.

The on-demand system rear differential control modulemonitors wheel speed, vehicle speed, wheel slippage, and othervariables. The module directs the rear differential to distributetorque to the rear wheels as required.

Typical conditions when torque is applied are during vehiclelaunches, even without wheel slip, and when there is front wheelslippage relative to the rear wheels. The amount of torque dependson the vehicle speed and the amount of wheel slippage.

Transfer Case Fluid

The transfer case uses a specifically developed synthetichypoid gear lubricant, which is intended for lifetime service. Fullfluid level is at the bottom of the fill plug hole.

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