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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Test Probe Caution

Caution:Do not insert test equipment probes (DMM etc.) into any connector or fuse block terminal.The diameter of the test probes will deform most terminals. A deformed terminal willcause a poor connection, which will result in a system failure. Always use the J-35616-FGM Approved Terminal Release Tool Kit in order to front probe terminals. Do not usepaper clipsor other substitutes to probe terminals.

When using the J-35616-F GM Approved Terminal Release Tool Kit , ensure the terminaltest adapter choice is the correct size for the connector terminal. Do not visuallychoose the terminal test adapter because some connector terminal cavities may appearlarger than the actual terminal in the cavity. Using a larger terminal test adapterwill damage the terminal. Refer to the J-35616-F GM ApprovedTerminal Release Tool Kit label on the inside of the J-35616-F GM Approved TerminalRelease Tool Kit for the correct adapter along with the connector end view for terminalsize.

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