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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Sunroof Drain Inspection and Cleaning Moonroof/Sunroof

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Drain Hose Routing

Note:If the headliner is wet DO NOT remove any interior trim. Dothe Plugged Drain Hose test first.

A drain trough encircles the sunroof window panel and wateris drained off by the drain hoses located at each corner of thehousing. A drain channel spans across the sunroof module at therear of the window panel and directs water into the trough.

The front drain hoses are routed down the windshield pillarsand out the front of the pillar in the wheelhouse area. The fronthoses are installed in a rubber grommet and retained byclips.The rear drain hoses are routed through the rear pillars andout of the body side outer panel extension. The rear hoses areinstalled in a rubber grommet and retained by clips.Plugged Drain Hose

In some vehicle it may be necessary to clean the sunroofdrain hose by applying air from the lower end of the drain hoseoutlet instead of the upper drain hose outlet.

If a waterleak has occurred check for a plugged sunroofmodule drain hose at each corner of drainage system by doing thefollowing:

Open the sunroof window.Locate each sunroof module drain hose outlet area.With a visual look, ensure that all the hoses are attached tothe sunroof module drain outlet.Cover all of the interior before air is apply to the drainhose.To test for blockage, pour a small container of water intothe module housing drain trough. Check each corner to confirm thedrain hose is draining water if not go to step number 7.

Warning:Wear safety glasses in order to avoid eye damage.

Use compressed air, 241-kPa (35-psi) orless to blow out any drain hose that is plugged.Test the system again.If remain plugged remove the blockage using the followingsteps.Push mechanics wire through the hose to remove theobstruction.Use compressed air in order to blow out any remainingmaterial.If the hose remains plugged, check to see it is properlyrouted and does not have a kink. Refer toSunroof Housing Front Drain Hose ReplacementorSunroof Housing Rear Drain Hose Replacement.Disconnected Drain Hose

Inspect the drainage system for disconnected drain hoses.Complete the following steps in order to obtain partial access todrain hoses and check for a disconnected hose.

Open the sunroof window panel.Lower the headliner as needed. Refer toHeadlining Trim Panel Replacement.Connect any disconnected hoses. If tie straps are required,connect the hose and apply tie strap.Ensure that the rear drain hoses are properly routed in themetal roof slot and taped in place.
"Roof - Fixed, Leisure"

Sunroof Track Timing/Synchronization Moonroof/Sunroof
It is only necessary to lower the headliner. Only do thosesteps in the headliner replacement procedure that will lower theheadliner enough to gain access to the part. Refer toHeadlining Trim Panel Rep ...

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