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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Special Tools


Tool Number/ Description

Special Tools


Wiper Arm Puller

Air Inlet Screen Replacement (Terrain)
Air Inlet Screen ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProceduresRemove both windshield wiper arms. Refer toWindshield Wiper Arm Replacement.Remove both air inlet grille panel extensions. Refer ...

Rear Window Washer Nozzle Replacement Washer Fluid System Washer Nozzles
Rear Window Washer Nozzle ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProcedureRemove the high mount stop lamp. Refer toHigh Mount Stop Lamp Replacement.1Rear Window Washer NozzleProcedureRemove the w ...

Other materials:

Evaporator Air Temperature Sensor Replacement Engine Control Engine Control Sensors Intake Air Temp Sensor
Evaporator Air Temperature Sensor ReplacementCalloutComponent NamePreliminary ProceduresRemove the Instrument panel insulator panel. Refer toInstrument Panel Insulator Panel Replacement - Right Side.Reposition any wiring or hoses to gain access to evaporator temperature sensor.1Evaporator Temperatur ...

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