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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Paint Identification Emblems/Decals/Paint

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Body / Body Exterior / Paint Identification Emblems/Decals/Paint

Warning:Exposure to isocyanates during paint preparation andapplication processes can cause severe breathing problems. Read andfollow all of the instructions from the manufacturers of paintingmaterials, equipment, and protective gear.

Note:Always refer to the GM Approved Refinish Materials book .This book identifies the paint systems you may use.

The latest revision of the GM Approved Refinish Materialsbooklet is located on the Goodwrench website

Use the service parts identification label to identify thetype of paint technology, paint codes, trim level, and any specialorder paint colors on the vehicle. Refer toVehicle Certification, Tire Placard, Anti-Theft, and Service Parts ID Label.

Clearcoat Thickness Emblems/Decals/Paint
The clearcoat on the vehicle is typically0.059–0.078-mm(1.5–2-mils[0.0015–0.0020-in]) thick. The clearcoatcontains ultraviolet screeners. Removing more than0.5-mils (0.019-in) of the clearcoat m ...

Rear Side Door Adjustment Panels
Warning:In order to prevent SIR deployment, personal injury, orunnecessary SIR system repairs, do not strike the door or the doorpillar in the area of the side impact sensor (SIS). Turn OFF theignitio ...

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