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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Flushing Engine Cooling

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Flushing Engine Cooling

Note:Do not use a chemical flush.

Store used coolant in the proper manner, such as in a usedengine coolant holding tank. Do not pour used coolant down a drain.Ethylene glycol antifreeze is a very toxic chemical. Do not disposeof coolant into the sewer system or ground water. This is illegaland ecologically unsound.

Various methods and equipment can be used to flush thecooling system. If special equipment is used, such as a backflusher, follow the manufacturer's instruction. Always remove thethermostat before flushing the cooling system.

When the cooling system becomes contaminated, the coolingsystem should be flushed thoroughly to remove the contaminantsbefore the engine is seriously damaged.

Drain the cooling system. Refer toCooling System Draining and Filling.Remove the surge tank. Refer toRadiator Surge Tank Replacement.Clean and flush the surge tank with clean, drinkablewater.Install the surge tank. Refer toRadiator Surge Tank Replacement.Follow the drain and fill procedure using only clean,drinkable water. Refer toCooling System Draining and Filling.Run the engine for 20 minutes.Stop the engine.Drain the cooling system. Refer toCooling System Draining and Filling.Repeat the procedure if necessary, until the fluid is nearlycolorless.Fill the cooling system. Refer toCooling System Draining and Filling.
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