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Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual: Drive Range, Sixth Gear (Gen 2/Hybrid) Automatic Transmission Unit

Chevrolet Equinox Service Manual / Powertrain / Transmission/Transaxle / Drive Range, Sixth Gear (Gen 2/Hybrid) Automatic Transmission Unit

As vehicle speed increases, the transmission control module(TCM) processes input signals from the automatic transmission inputand output speed sensors, the throttle position sensor and othervehicle sensors to determine the precise moment to command ON thenormally-low 26 pressure control solenoid. At the same time, thenormally-low 35R pressure control solenoid is commanded OFF and thetransmission shifts into Sixth gear.

2-6 Clutch Applies

26 Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid

The 26 PC solenoid is commanded ON, allowing actuator feedlimit fluid to enter the PCS 26 clutch fluid circuit. PCS 26 clutchfluid is then routed through orifice #24 to the 2-6 clutchregulator valve.

2-6 Clutch Regulator Valve

PCS 26 clutch fluid, at the 2-6 clutch regulator valve,opposes 2-6 clutch regulator valve spring force and orificed 26clutch fluid pressure to regulate drive fluid pressure into the 26clutch circuit. 26 clutch fluid is then routed through orifice #22to the 2-6 clutch assembly in the transmission case, and throughorifice #4 to the spring end of the 2-6 clutch regulatorvalve.

2-6 Clutch

The 26 clutch fluid from the 2-6 clutch regulator valve isrouted through the transmission case to the 2-6 clutch pistonassembly. The 26 clutch fluid pressure moves the piston against 2-6clutch spring force to apply the 2-6 clutch plates.


PCS 26 clutch fluid is also routed to an accumulator valve.The accumulator valve is used to dampen any pressure irregularitiesoccurring in the PCS 26 clutch fluid circuit. This helps to controlclutch apply fluid pressure and clutch apply feel.

3-5 Reverse Clutch Releases

35R Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid

The 35R PC solenoid is commanded OFF allowing PCS 35 reverseclutch fluid from the 3-5-reverse clutch regulator valve toexhaust.

3-5-Reverse Clutch Regulator Valve

PCS 35 reverse clutch fluid exhausts, allowing 3-5-reverseclutch regulator valve spring force to move the 3-5-reverse clutchregulator valve to the released position. This allows exhausting 35reverse clutch fluid pressure to pass into the exhaust backfillcircuit in order to assist the 3-5-reverse clutch piston spring toquickly release the 3-5-reverse clutch.

3-5-Reverse Clutch

3-5-reverse clutch spring force, assisted by exhaust backfillpressure, moves the 3-5-reverse clutch piston to release the3-5-reverse clutch plates and force 35 reverse clutch fluid toexhaust from the 3-5-reverse and 4-5-6 clutch housing assembly. Theexhausting 35 reverse clutch fluid pressure is routed to the3-5-reverse clutch regulator valve where it enters the exhaustbackfill circuit.

Drive Range, SixthGear-–-Gen 2/Hybrid

Drive Range, Sixth Gear (Gen 2/Hybrid) Automatic Transmission Unit


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